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OralID® Cancer Screening

 OralID® Cancer Screening In our commitment to providing comprehensive preventive care, we proudly offer OralID cancer screening at our Fort Worth, Texas office.

This advanced screening tool enables our skilled dentist, Dr. Mark Givan, to closely monitor your oral health and identify any potential inconsistencies or abnormalities. By incorporating OralID into our preventive services, we prioritize early detection and proactive management of oral health issues.

Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the information you need and assist you in securing a convenient time for your screening. Investing in preventive dental care, including OralID cancer screening, is a proactive step towards maintaining optimal oral health and overall well-being.

OralID is manufactured by Forward Science.

To schedule a screening appointment with Dr. Mark Givan, call our office at 817-926-5556.

OralID® Cancer Screening FAQ

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What is OralID® Cancer Screening, and how does it work?

OralID is a device used for oral cancer screening that utilizes fluorescence technology. It emits a specific light wavelength to highlight any abnormal cells in the oral cavity. Healthy tissues typically fluoresce differently from abnormal tissues, allowing the dentist to identify potentially concerning areas that may require further examination.

ls OralID® Cancer Screening painful or uncomfortable?

No, OralID Cancer Screening is a non-invasive and painless procedure. It involves shining a light into the oral cavity, and the patient simply needs to keep their mouth open. There is no need for any injections, needles, or physical contact with the tissues. It is a quick and comfortable screening method.

How long does OralID® Cancer Screening take?

OralID Cancer Screening takes no more than 2 minutes and screens the entire oral cavity with minimal physical contact.

Why do we need an oral cancer screeening?

Early cancer detection is essentail to improving survival chances.


"Dr. Givan is the best. He has an awesome team and they all do the best work. I will always be a patient of Dr. Givan!"

"These guys are awesome! Dr. Givan have been practicing for many years and it shows. His team are knowledgeable and accommodating. Clean and comfortable atmosphere."

"Dr. Givan is the best. He has an awesome team and they all do the best work. I will always be a patient of Dr. Givan!"